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TLC Pond Perfect - 32 oz.

TLC Pond Perfect - 32 oz.

  • $22.00

TLC Pond Perfect - 32 Oz.

Pond Perfect is a multi-purpose biological pond treatment designed for smaller water gardens and decorative ponds (50 gallons up to ¼ acre). PondPerfect is a live, 100% non-toxic and natural biological clarifier.

    • Creates Crystal Clear Water
    • Eliminates Foul Oders
    • Digests Organic Sludge
    • Eliminates Scum and Mats on the pond surface or attached to rocks

POND PERFECT DOSE: Use the table below to keep your pond clear (maintenance). Apply weekly for best results. To make a problem pond clear, double the dose until the problem is solved, then switch to the maintenance dose.

Pond Size (Gallons)


500   1
 1000   2
 2,500  4
 5,000  6
 10,000  8
15,000 10


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