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Pond Plant Paradise Hybrids

Here at Pond Plant Paradise we are striving to bring new and unique pond plants into the industry. We have a few hybrids that we think are worth sharing, and some that are still in the works.

New for 2018

Nymphaea 'Allison Joy'

A new seedling from Nymphaea 'Steven Strawn' crossed with Nymphaea 'Clyde Ikins'

New for 2017

Nymphaea 'Morning Mist'

Morning Mist

Nymphaea 'Pale Moon'

Pale Moon

Canna hybrid 1

Canna Hybrid 1

We are still testing this hybrid, but so far it is the smallest dwarf canna we have ever seen. It is a cross between a yellow dwarf canna and an orange canna.

Pond Plants are grown/shipped from Ohio