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36 Count - Highland Rim Fertilizer Tablets

36 Count - Highland Rim Fertilizer Tablets

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Great for Waterlilies, Water Lotus, and Bog Plants...

36 Count Bag

WHETHER YOU'RE AN experienced green-thumb or a novice gardener, you know that all plants need certain nutrients to grow. The problem is that different plants need different nutrient balances to thrive. And, with the multitude of plant fertilizers on the market, it can seem overwhelming to try to select the one that will be just right for your water garden.

That's why the HIGHLAND RIM aquatic-plant fertilizer tablets were developed to take the guesswork out of feeding your water-garden beauties and to give them the right formula of nutrients to bloom their very best.

HIGHLAND RIM fertilizer tablets were developed by a water-garden nursery known worldwide for superior plants and products. The essential elements and key micro-nutrients in each HIGHLAND RIM tablet are carefully formulated to promote flowering plants' maximum blooming potential. Specifically created as a fast-acting fertilizer, HIGHLAND RIM tablets give newly planted aquatic plants a strong, early start.

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