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Sensitive Plant (Neptunia Aquatica)

Sensitive Plant (Neptunia Aquatica)

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Sensitive Plant (Neptunia Aquatica)

Sensitive Plant can grow floating or planted and has a medium to large spread. Train sensitive plant up on rocks or along stream beds. Sensitive plant gets its name from the way the leaves react to touch. Touching the leaves causes them to close up or fold inward. This also happens according to sunlight. The leaves will fold up at night and reopen with the sun in the morning.

Hardiness Zones: 9-11 (May be able to survive some colder zones if planted) - Ships when water temperatures are estimated to be consistently 60 Degrees Fahrenheit or warmer.

Characteristics: Sensitive leaves, vining growth, yellow blooms
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
Height: 3"-5" tall
Spread: Medium to Large Vining spread
Water Depth: Floating or planted up to 18"

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